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    概述:首先水泥攪拌罐特別大,而且倒車至于水泥罐有2種。一種是純倒車,比如倒出車位。二種是卸貨 卸貨的話伸出滑道。而水泥罐車車尾由于卸貨而且
    Firstly, the cement mixing tank is very large, and there are two kinds of cement tanks. One is pure reverse, such as reversing out of the parking space. The second is unloading. If unloading, extend out of the chute. The tail of the cement tank truck is inconvenient to install because of unloading and some protruding from the tail
    The rear of the car is dirty, and there is no very reasonable installation position.
    The cement mixer truck is very large, commonly known as "big snail".
    There are hidden dangers in overtaking, turning around on the road and frequent reversing on the construction site. In fact, not only mixing vehicles, including trailers and large dumpers, have so-called big car blind spots. It is difficult for old drivers to grasp the scope by means of rear-view mirrors, but by experience. With the development of science and technology, there are many questions: why not install reversing images?
    However, if you think about it carefully, this idea is really OK, because many times, the mixer truck driver is reversing, reversing when receiving materials in the mixing plant, reversing when feeding materials to the pump truck, and directly reversing the mixer truck when encountering a narrow road. I have seen people who repair roads. Because the construction site can't reverse, they have to reverse the mixer truck, Moreover, the reversing length is about 2km. Therefore, according to your question, if a reversing influence can be installed at the rear of the mixer, the driver can really know the road conditions and various obstacles at the rear of the mixer more clearly.
    However, why is such a device that can improve the driver's driving coefficient not installed?
    The first is the purpose of the cart. The cart is generally an engineering vehicle, pulling sand and gravel, which is widely used. The reversing image belongs to precision electronic components. After installation, continuous loading and unloading of sand and gravel will produce an image on the reversing image, which may fail in a short time.
    Due to the complex working environment of the cement mixer, the obstacles such as up, down, left and right wires, water pipes, walls and so on, and the cement slurry splashed during discharging will also cover the camera, so generally reversing depends on the driver's experience!
    I have driven the cement mixer truck myself. I go in and out of the construction site every day, and many of them are reversing more, which does have hidden dangers.
    Not only cement mixers, but also large trucks and trailer dumpers can't see the back when reversing. When reversing, you can only rely on the feeling of the driver. Take cement mixing as an example. Installing a reversing image in the back will be filled with cement in a few days. Now science is developed, but the reversing image is dispensable, which depends on the experience and feeling of the old driver for many years.