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    概述:1、自施工、同放料1 Self construction and material release該產品為全液壓驅動,動力由主車發動機提供,可獨自實施混凝土運輸、攪
    1. Self construction and material release
    The product is fully hydraulic driven, and the power is provided by the main vehicle engine. It can carry out the tasks of concrete transportation, mixing and transportation alone; At the same time, the product has independent material storage and guiding equipment. One product can provide concrete transportation services for multiple mixer trucks.
    2. Intelligent and low noise
    The whole vehicle adopts manual and remote control two-way control. The remote control equipment can remotely control the engine start and stop, concrete mixing, feeding and unloading, transportation and other actions of the whole vehicle, so as to provide maximum convenience for users; The silent motor and idler are adopted, and the noise of the belt during concrete conveying is greatly reduced, which improves the construction conditions.
    3. Love to be clean and not picky about food
    The special rubber belt is adopted, the surface of the belt is smooth and does not bond with the concrete. At the same time, a scraping device is installed to keep the equipment clean after the concrete is transported. The overall equipment is waterproof, anti-corrosion and easy to clean; It can transport large particle size and low slump concrete, as well as dry materials such as sand and stone, with a wide range of application.
    4. High efficiency and low loss
    The product can transport more than one party of concrete per minute, with high conveying efficiency. At the same time, the conveying capacity can be quickly adjusted during the conveying process to achieve accurate batching; Compared with pump truck pumping, rubber belt conveying does not need to clean the pump pipe, does not block the pipe, is easy to maintain and has less loss.
    5. Multi model, detachable
    The belt conveyor can be equipped with various types of traditional concrete mixer, which can meet the needs of different customers; At the same time, after installation, the equipment can be disassembled quickly and exchanged with different vehicles, so as to achieve "one machine with multiple vehicles and one vehicle with multiple functions" and improve the utilization rate of the equipment.
    The successful research and development of this product has changed the traditional concrete transportation and construction mode. It is mobile and convenient. It is more suitable for building foundation, column pile and pavement construction. It will replace the traditional concrete transportation and construction equipment on specific occasions, and has a broad development prospect.
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