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    Everyone knows that the appearance of small concrete mixer truck can be divided into different sizes, but how many people will notice the distance between the load-bearing tires under the cement mixer truck? It can be said that where the wheel track can't pass, it is decided that this place can't pass. When it meets a road narrower than the car frame, it can't pass. After comparison, we found that if we choose a car according to the road conditions, the important point is to look at the wheel track rather than the external frame of the car. Then I'll tell you why.
    First of all, we all know that the frame of the car is on the tire, and therefore the tire is in contact with the ground. In other words, to judge whether a road can pass, we mainly look at whether our track is within the width of the road. Therefore, we also know that the environmental adaptability of a concrete mixer truck is affected not only by the engine, but also by the track width, so we naturally know that the selection of track width of small concrete mixer truck is very important.
    其次,輪距和車框架的搭配也是非常重要的。因為上面我們就說車框架是在輪胎之上的。那么合理的輪距承載多大的車框架,須在合理承受范圍之內。正所謂量體裁衣,對車的衣服就是車框架。如果衣服裁的不合理,對于車不僅僅就是不好看那么簡單了,這也是為什么有的車型容易側翻的原因——車框架太大 ,輪距太小,重心過高車的穩定性便不言而喻。
    Secondly, the matching of track width and vehicle frame is also very important. Because we said above that the car frame is on the tire. Then the reasonable wheel base bearing the vehicle frame must be within the reasonable bearing range. The so-called tailor-made clothes are the frame of the car. If the clothes are cut unreasonably, the car is not just ugly, which is why some models are easy to roll over - the car frame is too large, the track width is too small, the center of gravity is too high, and the stability of the car is self-evident.
    One thing, the track width between cars also determines the performance of the car to a certain extent. Some people think I'm bragging. Don't worry. Let me explain why there is such a relationship. Various functions of the car are realized by various parts, and the installation of these parts requires the space provided by the mixer. Where do these spaces come from? Most of them need to be realized under the car frame, and the height of the frame should be as low as possible (improve stability), so the width is particularly important. This is what Xiaobian said that the track width determines the performance of the car, more space and more parts, so as to achieve more functions.
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