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    概述:鏟車攪拌斗固定式混凝土攪拌機,應安裝在臺座上,當長期使用時,應埋置地腳螺栓;如短期使用,可在機座下鋪設枕木并找平放穩。The fixed
    The fixed concrete mixer of forklift mixer bucket shall be installed on the pedestal. When it is used for a long time, anchor bolts shall be embedded; For short-term use, sleepers can be paved under the base, leveled and placed stably.
    Forklift mixer bucket for mobile concrete mixer, it shall be installed on a flat and hard floor, firmly supported with square timber or support, and keep the horizontal tire free from stress. If the service time is more than three months, remove the tire and keep it properly. The end of the axle shall be cleaned and rustproof.
    After the concrete mixer of forklift mixer bucket is started, the mixing drum shall reach the normal speed before feeding. After feeding, water shall be added in time. Adding new materials can be carried out only after the original concrete in the mixer is unloaded. It is not allowed to stop halfway or start the mixer at full load, except for reverse discharging.
    The mixing bucket of concrete forklift truck shall not transport concrete for too long. During the transportation of concrete, the mixing bucket shall not stop for a long time to prevent concrete segregation. The driver shall often observe the concrete.
    When the forklift mixer truck is loaded with concrete, the standstill time on the site shall not exceed 1 hour. In case of overtime, the person in charge on the site shall be required to deal with it in time.
    The mixing bucket forklift developed by China first heavy industry is applicable to the construction site of road construction projects and the vast majority of new rural construction. The mountainous environment is bad and many places are limited by the environment. The mixing bucket installed on the forklift developed by China first heavy industry has successfully replaced the mixer. It is a walking mixer. As long as the forklift can go, the mixing bucket can carry the mixing bucket.
    Using mature loader production technology and forced concrete mixer production technology, the forced concrete mixer is refitted and installed at the bucket position of the loader, and the hydraulic transmission device of the loader is used to drive the mixer, which can give full play to the convenient performance of the loader and the advantages of self loading and unloading, The mixing function of the forced concrete mixer can also be used, and one machine can realize the multiple functions of loading, mixing, transfer and unloading.
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