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    As a small concrete mixing plant, the self loading mixer has been included by many engineering bosses because of its high efficiency and low profit. It is used in many projects such as road construction, house construction, tunnel construction and terrace construction. It is used more and consumes more oil. Today, with the high oil price, how can it be used to save more oil?
    First of all, the driver should regularly check and maintain the mixer to avoid fuel consumption pressurization caused by local filter blockage. In addition, pay attention to the inspection of tire pressure to avoid the increase of rolling resistance between vehicle tires and roads due to insufficient air pressure and waste more fuel.
    Secondly, it is also very important to maintain good driving habits. Sudden acceleration and the use of higher engine speed will make the engine consume more fuel. Therefore, try to maintain a constant speed to avoid the increase of engine power caused by sudden acceleration, and the sudden braking will cause the loss of energy and consume fuel.
    Of course, it would be great to save fuel from the source. The hydraulic system of self loading mixer adopts constant power variable piston pump in design, which can effectively reduce the power loss of engine and achieve the purpose of fuel saving.
    Secondly, in order to protect the engine, the self loading mixer of Zhongke Jufeng machinery adopts the form of front and rear double axle drive and hydraulic torque converter to effectively reduce the impact on the engine and prolong the service life of the engine.
    Whether it is the practicability of the overall design or the consideration of long-term use, Zhongke Jufeng machinery carries out a series of research and development from the perspective of customers, makes repeated tests, produces and manufactures high-quality mixer trucks, transports them to customers, and applies them to various engineering construction. If the project owners want to start a self loading mixer truck that is durable and real