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    Self loading mixers can be seen everywhere in construction sites, especially in some small construction projects. Because of their simple operation, one machine can complete loading and mixing independently. That's why boss Zhao, who is engaged in the construction industry, chose them, because there are more and more construction projects, but workers are particularly difficult to find. Not only that, Now the cost of workers is also rising, so boss Zhao uses machine construction to gradually replace labor.
    Boss Zhao contacted us after being introduced by his peers. In the early stage, we had many telephone communications with boss Zhao, and then decided to come to our factory to check the machines. The sales consultant took him to visit the machines. After this field understanding, boss Zhao decided to buy two machines, and then signed a purchase contract with us, The sales immediately contacted the warehouse for delivery.
    As the new year is approaching, logistics also stepped up transportation before the shutdown. After the machine arrived, two experienced drivers were recruited to drive the machine. After a period of use, boss Zhao fed back some experience in the use of the machine. Boss Zhao said: "The automatic loading mixer only needs two operators to fully operate. One worker assists in placing and leveling the concrete, and one worker operates in the cab. Compared with the past, it can save more labor costs."
    Compared with traditional manual mixing, the working efficiency of automatic feeding mixer has been greatly improved, and the operating cost has also decreased significantly. Like boss Zhao, with the development of the times, the degree of mechanization and intelligence in all walks of life has gradually increased, and more and more companies and enterprises have begun to buy this type of construction machinery for operation.
    The wide application of construction machinery has greatly increased the efficiency of construction, and small construction machinery has made great achievements in more and more subdivided fields. I believe that construction machinery will continue to create brilliance in the near future.