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    In fact, the consumption of production water in concrete mixer is not the main link of water consumption. Because the concrete is very difficult to deal with after setting, it needs a lot of water to wash the mixer and cement tank truck every day. So how should we control the water consumption of concrete mixer truck? I'll take you to know.
    1. By increasing the dosage of admixtures or using admixtures with high efficiency and water reducing rate, the admixtures and cement varieties with good adaptability should be selected. Improve the sand and stone gradation, find out the better sand and stone gradation of each mix proportion to improve the workability, so as to reduce the water consumption.
    2. Strictly test the performance of each material and control the above factors to reduce the water consumption. Through the use of high content of cementitious materials to improve the workability. More detection of the moisture content of sand and gravel, enhance the sense of responsibility, to ensure that the slump of each output concrete within the control range.
    3. It is very important to communicate with the Construction Party of the concrete mixer truck site. It is necessary to obtain the understanding of the construction personnel and cooperate with the technical personnel of the construction party to avoid excessive collapse. Correct understanding: it is not that the greater the slump is, the easier the pumping will be. It should be adjusted by the workability and the amount of crushed stone.
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