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    概述: 1、在施工現場卸料完畢后,應立即用攪拌車隨車的軟管沖洗進料斗、出料斗、卸料槽等,清除附著在車身上的污泥和混凝土?;爻虜嚢枵緯r,應
        1、After the unloading is completed at the construction site, the hose of the mixer car shall be immediately used to wash the inlet hopper, outlet hopper, unloading trough, etc., and the sludge and concrete attached to the car body shall be removed. Return mixing station should be fill 150-200L of water in the mixing drum to remove the wall and concrete residues bonded with the blades.
        2、At the end of each working day, the driver shall inject clear water into the mixing drum, rotate it at high speed (14-18 rpm) for 5- 10 minutes, and then discharge the water to ensure the cleaning of the drum. When the use of high-pressure water cleaning mixing drum of the various parts, we should pay attention to avoid the instrument, joystick and other parts. The distance between the nozzle and the body paint shall be no less than 40 cm.
        3、When the maintenance personnel enter the mixing drum for overhaul and repair welding, the dirt inside and outside the mixing drum and the remaining concrete slag shall be cleared first so as to make the mixing drum stop turning completely. Technicians into the cylinder, should ensure that the mixing drum of good ventilation, fresh air, no natural gas and harmful dust, oxygen supply is sufficient. When using the power tool operating barrel, the operator must have good insulation protection.
        4、When working, shall not put hands into the rotating mixing drum, shall not put hands into the joint of the main unloading chute and the extended unloading chute, and shall pay attention to what problems should be paid to when the automatic charging and mixing truck works to avoid accidents.